10 Best Covered Cat-Litter Boxes in 2021

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Do you want to provide your cat with some privacy, contain the odor of its business (and prevent accidents!), or both? A covered litter box is an excellent solution. Whether it’s self-cleaning models that automatically clean up solids and soiled material when they are created in these types of boxes can also be rated upon their ease of use because not every pet owner wants maintenance on top of taking care of a new addition! For those looking into providing more than just spotlessness.

The 10 Best Covered Cat-Litter Boxes

1 Nature’s Mira-cle- Oval Hooded- Litter- Box

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The tray comes with nonstick surfaces preventing the wet or solid mess from building up while being very spacious so that it can fit most breeds/size cats out there today – make sure you measure before purchase because their dimensions may differ slightly from what’s listed here: 25″ x 19″ x 11.75.This intelligent design not only looks good, but it also keeps your pet’s mess inside of its self-made little world where odors can’t escape and prove too much for other pets living near you (or even worse – passersby).

The activated charcoal filters help reduce any unwanted byproduct created during use while keeping things smelling fresh all day long! It’s affordable enough that most people won’t have trouble finding room on their budget without sacrificing quality or performance–which makes our top pick perfect whether they’ve got one kitty or multiple cats at home, no matter what size those furballs happen t be weighing them down these days.

2 Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

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The Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan is a one-of-a-kind enclosed cat pan that comes in different sizes to suit your kitty. This spacey litter box has an odor-controlling flip door and can be86cleaned with ease thanks to its easy cleanup design while also made from recycled content for better environment friendliness!

3 Modkat Flip – Premium Choice

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The Modkat Flip is a higher-end cat box, but the quality of construction makes it worth every penny. This double-decker compartment can be used for either front or top entry and comes in many sizes, including an extra-large design that fits two cats comfortably! It’s not just big enough to hold your kitty litter too – it looks great, so you’ll want everyone else around town knows whose house has got some severe clout when they see this bad boy on display outside their window.”

The Modkat Litter Box is the most expensive of all its competitors, including a scoop and liners. The advantages are that you don’t have to worry about spilling any litter while cleaning out your cat’s box or getting kitty sick from Contanlessoo-oh Gross! Plus, this design makes large cats feel comfortable because they can fully stretch in their own space without being cramped like smaller house pets might need to… unless there was another reason why some people would want an even larger size?

The price tag may be steep for some homeowners on a fixed income who cannot afford daily expenses–but what if I told.

4 I-R-I-S Top Entry Cat Litter- Box

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Available in white or black colors with the optional grey finish on either side paneling near the entryway edge (side panels can be painted), this box includes a scoop attached by the hook inside- it also comes equipped with rubber feet so you won’t need additional supports under it when cleaning!

The IRIS is a good quality cat box, but the rounded edges make it seem more minor. If your cat gets too energetic or rolls around on top of it in an inappropriate manner, this mat will eventually give way under its weight.

5 Nature's Miracle- Hooded- Corner- Litter- Tray

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This means less space taken up and also makes cleanup more accessible than other designs! The antimicrobial coating on these trays acts like a nonstick surface preventing urine from building up when someone goes in their cage or litter box while they’re not using it, which increases its effectiveness by decreasing cleaning frequency because there is far less needed each time around since nothing will stick any more due to this protective layer protecting everything inside – including paws if necessary (ask our customers). It even includes an easily removable charcoal filter, so we know what kind.

The corner design is not compatible with most pads and liners, but even if you place it against the wall where cats tend to urinate high up by accident (or on purpose), they will still cause pee stains in seams.

6 Boo-da Dome- Clean-step Litter- Box

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If you have an incredibly messy or scratchy kitty who likes to bury his Guinea Pig away from those pesky hunting dogs (or humans!), then we’ve got just what is needed! This unique combination features both activated charcoal filters and sieve bars around for easy scooping as well as odor control–no more stinky boxes thanks in part to these two technologies combined; perfect if not overwhelmed by all those smelly accidents under furniture legs…

The front opening allows quick disposal without having unlodge pieces stuck between

Fastidious cats like covered litter trays that smell urine and feces but may choose not to use one if it smells terrible. The fully replaceable filters help alleviate this problem; however, the top does not fit securely on the base, so it’s easy for your pet (such as a dog) to get access when they’re inside looking around or knocking off any liners you’ve placed in there before closing up again! This is especially problematic if these animals are curious about what’s hiding underneath their noses.

7 Pet-mate Basic- Hooded- Cat Litter- Pan

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Designed to provide privacy while cats do their business, it features high walls to contain liquids or solids from reaching your flooring by accident! The entry on this particular model has been lowered so that all size breeds may use it without having difficulty getting in and out– even if you have mobility problems like arthritis, Clegg’s Disease, etcetera ̶. Just make sure not to bump into things when going through the doors.

8 Catit- Jumbo- Hoo-ded Cat Litter

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That applies to cats too! The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter is here so you can keep your furry friends comfortable and happy. It’s the perfect product for multi-cat households because this large litter box will accommodate even larger felines with ease; there are carbon filters inside, which help eliminate any unwanted smells before petting time comes around again (or if one cat has an accident). With its accessible cleaning features like removing hoods or trays without having to remove shelves from underneath them – not every day could be worse than today. Thanks, guys!? The large size of the LitterMaid LM8500 makes it seem like an excellent choice, but there are still some drawbacks. The door tends to stick, so cats find getting in and out more complex than other boxes due to its heavy-duty construction. A flimsy handle also presents problems for people who want complete control over their cat fosters environment as well as pets who can’t quite get enough leverage with claws extended during use–a problem caused by lack of socket mechanisms found at either end (depending) that would quickly solve this issue if they had been added into design phase one.

9 Fris-co- Top- Entry

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It also increases privacy because their pee will not seep out of this box no matter how high up your wall! The internal size should be big enough for most cats who circle or dig in it while preventing dogs from getting into its content–and since you’re using plastic instead of wood like traditional boxes do, that helps cut down on smells too.

10 Clevercat Top Entry

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The Clever Top Entry Litter Box is the perfect solution for those who love to dig and kick around their cat’s waste. This top entry tray ensures that you can scoop out any mess your pet might make without getting it all over yourself, as well as having a textured surface that helps prevent litter from spilling onto surfaces below or creating an additional mess inside of someone else’s house. The drawbacks? It’s expensive (though cheaper than other models), and unless you only have small breed cats with sensitive paws, this won’t be enough space anyways!

Buyer's Guide

When shopping for a covered litter box, make sure you consider the size and needs of your cat. Cats come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s essential to find one that fits their personality as well! They should also be comfortable with where they go potty (confined space vs. open area). The following are some factors worth considering

1) Consider what type of material best suits both yourself AND your pet – Some cats prefer very sturdy boxes while others like delicate ceramic ones; there might even exist an option out on eco-friendly materials such bamboo fencing lattice panels wood trays which will match any house décor without looking too generic 2) Think about if their paws need extra room when exiting


There are two main ways to open a litter box — the front door at the back of it or an opening on top. Top Entry – A top entry system does offer several benefits, and some cats find them more comfortable than side openings because there is less chance for urine to spill over while they’re stepping in; additionally, if your pet has accidents when standing up, then you will not have any worries about leaks since this design doesn’t require seams like other types do (itself another reason why we recommend using one). However, not all pets love going through such processes, so make sure yours does before investing money into something they might refuse.

Tray Shape

Litter trays are typically shaped like a rectangle, but there’s an option for circular or round ones if you find it easier to clean. The shape of the tray won’t make much difference in how much space is available since these types can fit anywhere without any corners that would entrap soiled litter and allow waste materials room to accumulate. Rectangular will be your best bet – try not to leave too many open spaces at once!


The use of activated charcoal filters in covered litter trays can help neutralize odors and prevent the inside from smelling. However, if your cat doesn’t like its scent being eliminated, it may avoid using this kind of tray for potty breaks or go outside instead! It’s essential to ensure that you have easy access to replacement filters so they don’t get blocked by animal hairs which are hard enough without clogging up these types of trash cans too long term.

Conclusion/final thoughts

If you’ve ever owned a cat before, then the type of litter box they need is pretty straightforward. Make sure to get one large enough for your pet and their needs; if not too spacious, then make sure there’s an open floor plan to accommodate them with ease while still cleaning up after themselves efficiently. If finances are no object but space permitting, consider investing in something like Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Litter Box, which will offer just enough room without breaking bank account wide open!

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