10 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

dwarf hamsters cages

Hamsters are fun and loveable animals who deserve to be happy. They’re also easy pets, making it possible for many people of all ages (even children!) to enjoy caring about them! To give your hamster the best life you can afford, they need an enclosure that will keep him cosy while entertaining at least some portion of time spent indoors away from cage bars or other dangers outside in nature like predators with large teeth. Why do dwarves need special hamster cages to live their best life? Here, we examined and tested nearly every cage out there so your pet can enjoy all-leather housing with unlimited space! Below is our comprehensive list of reviews that answer any questions about dwarf hamsters straightforwardly.” ch make caging unnecessary if not harmful.

The 10 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages – Reviews 2021

Prevue Pet Products Animal Home – Best Overall

dwarf hamsters cages

Dwarf hamsters are creative and curious little creatures, but they can get destructive if not trained early. A dwarf Hamster’s instinct is to chew on anything that moves, so it’s essential for your pet’s safety as well as theirs! This unglamorous name masks one of the most well-designed cages we’ve seen – The Prevue Pet Products 528 Animal Home cage Dwarf Hams seem like troublemakers: They’re clever enough to burrow through just about everything in sight with their teeth (and nails). And while some people only see these furry friends every now again, others enjoy having them around all year long because there never seems any shortage.

If you’re looking for the most durable and versatile hamster cage on this side of Dwarflandia, look no further than our 3/8″ wire spacing dwarfs-only enclosure!. With multiple doors (including top entry) and a unique adjustable platform at only 17 inches tall—it’s easy to see why these cages are so popular among pet owners everywhere. If space isn’t something that concerns you, then consider one of our competitor models that come complete without any flooring or provide less room per animal, 

Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage – Best Value

dwarf hamsters cages

You’ve been looking for a cage that won’t break the bank, and your search is over! If you own a first-time dwarf hamster, have never owned one before but want something with all of these features at an affordable price, then look no further than this Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage. It has everything from multiple levels to spacious living areas, so there’s plenty of room in between bars where little ones can play or rest comfortably without worrying about touching anything metal when they explore their environment on top ground level.

The largest hamster habitat on the market is perfect for multiple pet owners. Complete with a wheel, ramp and feeder, all you’ll need to add are bedding supplies or your new dwarfed-down animal friend! Measuring 16″ long by 10″ wide 9 “tall, this robust home can house one tiny creature but is planning on adding more than one little guy, it has an easy connecting locking system, so there’s no problem fitting them all in without feeling too crowded at night time.

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage – Premium Choice

dwarf hamsters cages

A large, deep plastic base sets the scene for a veritable playground of hamster toys. If you’re looking to buy just one cage that comes with everything and is big enough or can expand as needed, then this Metro Cage from Savic should suit your needs nicely!. The Savic Hamster Heaven Cage is a one-stop-shop for your furry little friends. It comes with an exercise wheel, two houses (one large enough to live in!), and even tunnels! You won’t be able to find anything as fully outfitted or complete on the market today — it has everything hamsters need but should not Forget: food (including hard-boiled egg treats), bedding including nesting materials like wood chips which they’ll love chewing through; plus all those extra things that make life better such as fresh fruit flies from their favourite fruits displayed attractively throughout so you can enjoy watching them eat these too while cuddling up together at home watching TV.

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

dwarf hamsters cages

The Ferplast Favola hamster cage is the perfect home for any aspiring petite household. It offers generous size with thoughtful design features not found in other cages, such as its deep see-through base that gives complete 360-degree visibility of your furry friend from all angles!.

This hamster cage has a wide selection of included accessories to see your little furry friend run, play and eat. The only negative about this enclosure is that it’s noisy when opening or closing the door – but don’t worry! With all types of fun things inside like tunnels for exploring and hay dispensers, you’re sure they’ll have plenty to keep themselves busy while waiting patiently outside their home at feeding time (which happens often).

Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage

dwarf hamsters cages

The Centerville Arcade is a small but innovative playpen for your hamster. It has the same curved backside as its namesake, with plenty of room to explore and hide in blinds or nooks within it. The separate living quarters make it easy enough that you can take care of both pets at once without worrying about them getting into trouble when one requires more attention than others do simultaneously – which also means no need for two cages!.

IRIS Hamster Cage

dwarf hamsters cages

If you’re looking for a small hamster cage, the Iris might be an option. It measures about 18″ long by 12″ wide and 15 tall with everything needed to care for one animal in your home or office space! Glazed ceramic material makes cleaning more accessible- but this design lacks some features that many enthusiasts prefer, such as wheels. Hence, it’s not suitable if wheeled toys aren’t available where they live too, at least small window ventilation slots on top of bars allow airflow while preventing escapees from getting outside during transport.

Ferplast Hamster Cage

dwarf hamsters cages

Do you need a simple, easy to clean starter cage for your child’s dwarf hamster? Laura from Ferplast may be the right choice. With long interactive tubes and front & top door access, this brightly coloured kid-friendly option makes caring for this tiny animal safe! Appropriately sized at just over 2 inches tall (to match most human’s finger width), it includes an included home with a wheel as well as accessories like an exercise ball or tunnel all in one place – making sure they get plenty of playtimes outside while staying put inside during inclement weather conditions too bad ones!.

This cage is perfect for any small animal lover because it comes with everything your hamster needs. It includes a wheel, tubes to play in and explore their surroundings, a food dish that provides them sustenance when they’re not gorging themselves on insects (or whatever else you provide), a water bottle—everything but the bedding! You’ll have DIY time figuring out how these things go together, though, since there are no instructions included – sorry about that.

Gallet Hamster Cage

dwarf hamsters cages

If you have a pet hamster and want to provide them with plenty of stimulation, then the GalaPet might be just what they need. With bright colours throughout its design and several tube sets for climbing around in, it is sure to keep your little critter busy at home or on vacation!.

It is a shame that this hamster cage comes with a wide variety of “challenge accessories” for larger enclosures. I would have loved to see more challenging toys and activities in my pet’s home, but at its current size (or lack thereof), it feels like there isn’t enough room!

A little expensive considering how small the enclosure was…

Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster Cage

dwarf hamsters cages

The Hendryx deluxe hamster cage from Prevue is an excellent choice for two small animals. It features a deep plastic base and enough space to house your miniatures, with plenty of room in both homes as well! However, it does have one major drawback – connections between the setup are not fitted tightly at all, which could cause injury if you’re petting them while they’re inside their home or running around. We can’t recommend this product without some serious modifications made first; otherwise, there’s no telling how much damage might be caused by poor construction quality alone (not even mentioning what might happen during transportation).

Kaytee Crittertrail Quick Clean Habitat

dwarf hamsters cages

It’s hard to put something in a box and call it good. That’s why we don’t recommend Crittertrail Quick Clean Habitat from Kaytee, which has too many flaws for any serious hamster owner! First off is its size: It only fits overnighting gerbils or similar small animals who have plenty of room underneath them without being crowded by their wheel (and if you leave this habitat open at night–urgh). Secondly, there are leaks everywhere – water bottle included-which can get ruin your pet’s bedding while also making him overheat during summer months unless fixed before then…

Almost worse than this design fails? The fact that when left unchecked.

Buyer's Controller

 Some people might not know the difference between various types, but you must find out which one will best suit their needs and house style!

A lot can depend on what type – small animal cages come with many different features including size options (for example, tall vs short), multiple floors or levels within each cage etc., so make sure before buying anything special like this product by researching beforehand how these differences affect space utilization throughout each specific model/type available online via google images.


One of the most significant benefits of dwarf hamsters may be their small space requirements – but this doesn’t mean that you should skimp on a cage size! As rule-of-thumb: one square foot per hamster is necessary, and if within budget, it’s always a wise investment in pet’s health & happiness by purchasing larger enclosure than needed so more room can roam around freely, which will result in a better mood much easier without stress or pressure (this way).

Wire, Glass, or Plastic?

Some cages are made of metal wire, while others feature wood shavings or natural branches for bedding material inside them; some even have both! The type and design will depend on three things: how much space your pet requires to play without being cramped up against the sides when they stretch out horizontally (or vertical), what kind(s)of enrichment toys & games that provide hours upon end of entertainment value and where do you plan on mounting the house the water source?.

Wire cages

Wire cages are the best option for the long-term housing of hamsters. The bars should be close enough together that your pet can’t squeeze through but still provide plenty of room to play! Unfortunately, these types don’t allow as much interaction between you and it – which may be difficult if they want constant attention from their caregiver.

 The most durable type is wire mesh partitions with large spaces between them, so there’s no chance an animal could get stuck or unearthed during exploration efforts.

Glass cages

The best hamster play-grips are those that allow you to monitor your pet’s activity and keep it from escaping. They’re usually more expensive than other styles, but they’re less likely to get damaged by everyday wear and tear, which is why many prefer them over cages or tubes for their rodent friends!.

Plastic cages

The best way to provide plenty of space for your hamster is with an aluminium wire or glass cage. These are durable yet see-through so you can keep tabs on how they’re doing at all times; however, if left out in direct sunlight, they may become brittle and crack, eventually leading some people (including myself) away from using them altogether because there was no point when I had enough room inside my home anymore!

A much cheaper alternative would be something made entirely out of metal which many pet stores have available upon request – make sure not too much exposure.

Toys, Channels, and Wheels

They do this by running on two feet or playing with their favourite toys, including anything from wheels to tubes! But hamster owners should be aware of possible problems if they have multiple pets in one cage. These animals are territorial and compete for some space even though each hammy gets enough room according to toy variety offered within residential open floor plan cages designed specifically as multi-hamster homes.

Anyone who has more than just themselves needs an indoor enclosure where all inhabitants will feel safe without another animal getting maimed by accidentally brushing against its leg during playtime.

Water Bottles and Food Trays

Finally, make sure that whatever cage you choose for your dwarf hamsters can accommodate a water bottle or dish as well as space for bedding and food. The best cages will allow users easy access to clear away soiled materials without removing the entire structure of their home!.


It has everything your pet needs and nothing it doesn’t, all at an affordable price point that will suit most budgets well enough! If you want something smaller than this but still just as durable or if money isn’t an issue, then consider checking out Habitrail’s 62820A1 Cristal Hamster Cage – its small size makes it excellent either way whether you are on our first time out with pets so they can get used to being handled by humans etc., while also ensuring their safety from potential harm.

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