15 Terrier Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

Terrier Dog Breeds

So, what’s the best breed of dog for you? The list is endless! Terriers come in all shapes and sizes, from aggressive breeds that will never back down to gentle giants. Terrier personality types range from playful pugs who love cuddles or ultra-outgoing Russian greys (which can be noisy!). Here are 15 popular types:

When deciding on our next pet, we should consider more than looks – do they have good manners when around people.

The 15 Terrier Dog Breeds:

Airedale Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

It was bred to catch otters and rats around River Aire near York, where it originated before being exported all over Europe for hunting purposes. It was a very agile hunter that could swim well with both land or water-based prey! The English Shepherd’s history extends back into time immemorial, but what you might not know about this hardworking hound are these bit factoids: they’re gentle giants who require plenty of exercise off their energy; most need at least two-hour walks per day (sometimes more) as well as regular playtime sessions outside–and your couch isn’t enough stimulation.

Staffordshire Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

Do you have a furry friend that will never leave your side? This breed was initially bred to be used in fighting hundreds of years ago. Because it’s been stained with lousy blood from that days-a, a reputation which is still alive today thanks mainly due to its incredible loyalty towards humans as well as how easy going this dog can often seem around others! Like other large breeds such as German Shepherds (even if they come equipped with their own unique set off strengths), these dogs should live indoors where there is plenty o’ love waiting for comma roomς, so try not to break them out into harsh weather.

Border Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

The Border Terrier, a small and active breed from England or Scotland, is often used to protect stock. The dogs were first presented to the boundary between England and Scotland. They still thrive today, thanks mainly to their high activity level that requires plenty of exercises and makes it easy-going with other family members.

The highly responsive nature combined with affectionate personality means these canines would be a perfect addition to any household!

Boston Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

The Boston Terrier is the gentleman of the terrier world, and not least because their appearance includes tuxedo coloring. They’re small but sturdy dogs with short legs who enjoy playing games such as tug o’ war or chasing around an obstacle course like a wheelbarrow (if you let them). These little guys get along well enough when it comes to strangers; most can even join in on some together time by taking turns sleeping next p!

An excellent way for your pup and his best friend – say hello.

Bull Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

The Bull Terrier is an English dog with a unique egg-shaped head with its eye in its center. They are small to medium dogs but can still be very strong and formidable for what they lack in size, although typically not as much so as other breeds like terriers like Doberman Pinschers or Australian Shepherds. They possess greater power due primarily to their shorter legs which allow them better balance while running up hillsides chasing prey.

The most notable trait this little pup shares, though, would have got you wondering if indeed these were guard dogs considering its loyalty towards family members? It turns out. The bullies might love having someone around after all! Their protective nature stems mainly from wanting everyone close by safe.

Cairn Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

They can be pretty demanding, and they will want the majority of your time because this breed needs some one-on-one interaction for them to feel secure, which means that it would not work well if you have other dogs or cats at home! The high prey drive also makes them less ideal compared with other breeds who don’t like chasing things too much on walks outside–so make sure their new furry friend doesn’t run away before he gets used enough about humankind’s two-legged friends (or four!).

I’ve heard people say how popular these little guys are among dog owners since hiking often goes hand.

Irish Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

The Irish Terrier, known for its bright red hair and large size as a terrier breed from Ireland. This dog would have been bred to hunt both mice and rats and protected livestock while keeping the family company during hard times. Today these traits are still present in this great pet that makes an excellent companion animal with some light work duties thrown into their daily routine!

Jack Russell Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

It was first bred in England by John “Jack” Russell, the vicar who gave him his breeder’s nickname and named this terrier after himself: “Jacks.” The breed has been used for hunting foxes, rabbits or any other animal its master sets out for it–and not just rats! (“Rats!” Sound like someone saying something disagreeable?) This pup demands lots of exercise time, so you’ll have your hands full if owning one as an owner myself…I find myself being destructive on occasion because my indoor-only life doesn’t offer enough playtime opportunities with Fido outside)

Kerry Blue Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

The Kerry Blue Terrier is one of the most ancient breeds from Ireland, with legendary status as a hunting dog and herding livestock. They were once used to track prey through deep forests or chase after strayed cattle until their owners could catch up! These loyal hounds won’t let you down when needed most – just like its ancestors before it (and some say transformed into).

The pup has black fur at birth which fades into blue-black; however, this coloration isn’t unique to any individual type within its gene pool but instead comes about naturally over time due to selective breeding by humans looking for more preferred features such as darker coats than lighter ones would offer during warmer seasons.

Miniature Schnauzer

Terrier Dog Breeds

This energetic dog needs plenty of daily activity to stay fit and healthy, as well as regular professional grooming or else its facial hair can discolor due to unsanitary conditions for it did not look dirty over time. The breed has been used both on farms (as multipurpose farm dogs) and at rat-catching, who had more specific jobs than just working with farmers’ hogs!

American Pit Bull Terrier?

Terrier Dog Breeds

This lineage has given rise not only bone-chilling aggression but also an unrivaled loyalty towards their human counterparts, making these perfect dogs partners on the battlefield or off it!

The APBT can trace its roots back all way through Ancient Egyptian times when they were used as fighting animals due to pounds exceptional strength coupled with cleverness like no other animal before it – both qualities needed during combat situations where victory often came down who could toy harder rather than fight straight up uppercutting blows from another opponent.

Scottish Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

 It has short legs, but its long body makes up for it by keeping balance accessible so that this dog can easily navigate mountainous terrain! The low center-of-gravity also helps them move around more quickly than other breeds do – making these terriers great pets when you have limited space or need your pup moving around often like I do since we live at my parents’ home. At the same time, mine is being renovated after catching on fire two years ago. My little gal went running over there as soon as she heard me yelling from outside: “FIRE!” Luckily everyone evacuated safely before anything else happened.

Welsh Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

The Welsh Terrier is a centuries-old breed first bred to take on badgers, foxes and otters. It’s now known as the happy little pup with ancient history in Wales, but it originated from Roman breeds! While I’m sure you know this already (since John F Kennedy kept one named Charlie at his White House), let me share some more details about their appearance: they have dark ears; blue eyes which sometimes turn brown due to dilution genes; short fur like many other terriers do nowadays – including those who serve our country military members overseas or work closely alongside police officers every day.

West Highland Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

The West Highland Terrier is a happy-looking dog that has been bred to hunt foxes. His cheerful nature and durability make him an excellent choice for today’s society. Still, the first dogs were created with this purpose back in 1670 when they started as terriers – small hound breeds explicitly designed to root out pests like vermin or rabbits from their den (their underground lair). Some people thought these black & white creatures would be unlucky because of how prominently displayed their color seemed on their coat; yet little did we know what clever idea lay hidden within those Features!

Yorkshire Terrier

Terrier Dog Breeds

The Yorkie or the Yorkshire Terrier, known to some people, can be described as an aggressive little dog. They compete with Chihuahua for the crown of most miniature breeds in this world, and despite their small size, these dogs aren’t afraid to let you know if anything is going amiss! But don’t worry; it won’t take much before one notices your distress either through vocalizations (yes!) or via body language gestures like putting its head on yours while giving gentle licks across any exposed skin – which happened many times during my interactions with them.


The terrier is a small and energetic dog that loves the field. They’re also known for their hardiness, which makes them popular with owners who want to get out into nature but don’t always feel safe doing so themselves due to too old age or illness in some cases where this breed may need help from other animals such as falcons on occasion because of how agile they can be when pursuing prey while keeping watch over one’s domain at all times!

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