22 Pitbull Mixes That are Amazing and Adorable

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Adorable and powerful, Pit Bulls are outstanding guard dogs. But when you mix these adorable pups with other breeds, the results can often be spectacular! Don’t believe us? Just check out a few of these adorable mixes: 

American Staffordshire Terrier: Developed as an all-purpose farm Implement Working Dog in Britain; their trademark bone means business (and tons more)! English Bulldog – The quintessential “folder” has been around since 1891, also known by its nickname “Pudgy.” The Boxer breed was initially bred to fight bears but now does duty at home plate after long days’ work on cattle ranches across Europe.

The Pit Bull/Shar-Pei mix is called a Sharpull, but you can also refer to them as the adorable Pit Pei. Both names are correct, and both conjure up images of these gorgeous dogs!

The 22 Pitbull Mixes

1. Beagle Bull (Beagle x Pitbull Mix)

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The Beagle Ball is a dog breed gaining popularity for its intelligence, stubbornness and energy. It can be challenging to care for, but they do not require much attention in return, with long walks being an essential activity you should provide your new pet pup.

The floppy ears of an adorable Pitbull combined with their eagerness on walks make it easy to see how this animal gained such widespread fame as one-of-a-kind amongst canine companions everywhere!

2. Dox Bull (Dachshund x Pitbull Mix)

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Dachshunds are a quirky breed of dog, and their generations-old coat can vary depending on what type you get. The long body paired with an adorable head give these dogs that unique look we all know and love! However, they’re not the easiest to care for as Doxies shed more than most breeds – but if you’re willing, do it? These pups will be grateful every day of life.

A sizeable headed pooch sporting stubby little legs is just too cute for words; no wonder everyone loves them so much (even those stubborn yet loving hearts!). But this sweetie has some special requirements: he needs lots of space around him plus regular walks outside or his dander.

3. Pitador (Labrador x Pitbull Mix)

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A Pitador is an energetic, loyal dog who needs to be exercised or become destructive. These dogs are often used as guard dogs because of their loyalty and strength but make sure you have plenty of space for this type if it’s what you want in your home!

However, they’re great with families and kids. They have a high protection factor that will make your children feel safe from harm!

4. Pituahua (Chihuahua x Pit Bull Mix)

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The Pituahua is a cross between two popular breeds. This tiny pup can grow up to 35 pounds but usually weighs around 15! They make good family dogs because they like to play with kids and other pets in safe settings where their fiery tempers don’t get out of control (which does happen).

5. Aussie Cattle Pit (Pit Bull x Australian Cattle Dog)

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While these pups are among the most adorable out there, be aware that they’re also one of the most challenging breeds with a hyper personality and playful nature. If you have tons of land to let your Australian Cattle Pit roam for hours on end, then go ahead!

6. Golden Pit (Golden Retriever x Pit Bull Mix)

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

7. Pitsky (Pit Bull x Husky)

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Husky and Pitbull have a cult following that is not seen in many breeds. They are loyal, clever dogs with different appearances from one another to choose from depending on what kind of coat the dog has been born with or which eye colour you want them to possess! But these canines do require some extra attention, so if space isn’t an issue, I recommend getting yourself one today because they also make great family members.

8. Pug Pit (Pit Bull x Pug)

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Here’s why the Pug Pit is so famous. These slightly odd-looking but extremely adorable pups are perfect for those living in smaller spaces who still want to have tons of exercise and monitor their breathing with you! If they have a short-nosed pug face, know that these pets need more care than most other breeds because they’re prone to arthritis as well due to all the squished faces they get when people hug them too hard or run around like crazy at daycare centres.

While many people never think about owning one until seeing how cutely cuddled some might be – once upon an instance throughout my high school career has caused me to rethink everything I knew before then.

9. Box Bull (Boxer x Pit Bull Mix)

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Boxers are loyal, strong dogs who can be intimidating. Owners of this breed need to work hard with them every day if they want the best out of their Boxer!

When taking care of time management for your pet’s exercise needs, you’ll find that each hour should include around 30 minutes’ worth (or more) walk and play sessions as well as one or two feeding periods throughout their entire lifespan because boxers don’t have an off switch when it comes down to eating.

10. Porgi (Pit Bull x Corgi)

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Porgis are among the most beautiful Pit Bull mixes out there. However, keep in mind that this dog has a strong jaw and may nip at kids to guide them around- it’s vital for you (the owner)to train your pup early on due to the X factor! Once trained, they can get playful with ease, making/her quite an attractive addition to any family.

11. Collie Pit (Pit Bull x Border Collie)

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The Border Collie is known as one of the most intelligent breeds, and when you mix them with a Pit Bull, they become even more intelligent. They’re also very high energy, making it hard for this breed to focus on something without an outlet like playing games or going outside where their prey awaits!

Make sure your home has various surfaces from wood floors made especially for chewing through gardens furniture, so those who love hiking don’t need any equipment at all; creative canine-proofing ideas here.

12. Great Danebull (Pit Bull x Great Dane)

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

Do you want to get a dog? You’ve got the option of selecting from one of many different breeds. One great choice is an impressive Pit Bull mix named, The Great Danebull! These pups are more significant than most dogs in their category and can reach 90 pounds with measurements that measure 28 inches tall when standing upright (making them among some of the giant Pit Bulls around). They’re also great for families–usually companionable with other pets too; remember these monsters might accidentally step on smaller animals if they aren’t careful enough while walking through your home!

13.Pit Shepherd (Pit Bull x German Shepherd)

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If you’re looking for an intelligent and loyal guard dog, the Pit Shepherd is a great choice. These pets can be very responsive to commands or training but may not always fit well into family life because of the high tempered nature that makes them best left in experienced hands only.

14. Bully Pit (Pit Bull x Bull Dog)

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The Bully Pits dogs are a mixed breed, and they can come in many different shapes and sizes. They’re high-energy dogs with the potential to weigh up to 100 pounds! You’ll want one that has just as much energy–or more!–because these guys need at least an hour of playtime every day.

15. Sharpull (Pit Bull x Shar Pei)

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With a wide variance in both appearance and temperament, Sharpulls can be very difficult to train. Though they’re loyal dogs that put up with just about anything you throw at them for their owners’ sake–even though shedding is shared among all dog breeds-and intelligent as well!

The downfall of this breed might come from how high maintenance it actually may or may not be, depending on what your definition means by “low.”

16. Chow Pit (Pit Bull x Chow Chow)

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The Chow Pit can be an outgoing and loyal dog with the temperament of a pit bull, or they may have traits more like those seen in chows. It’s impossible to tell what you’ll get before adopting one, so knowing your potential new pet is essential!

17. Aussie Pit (Pit Bull x Australian Shepherd)

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Australian Shepherds are the perfect dog for any family. They’re loyal, intelligent and high-energy, but Aussies get along great with other pets too!

18. Pitweiler (Rottweiler x Pit Bull Mix)

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Pitweilers make excellent guard dogs, but they do have a bit of a stubborn streak. If you want to keep your pet dog healthy and happy for the long time you need to give them ample time. In that case, it’s best if only experienced owners get them because these can weigh up 100 pounds, making themselves both fierce in appearance and lovable when trained properly with intelligence on top!

19. Boston Pit (Pit Bull x Boston Terrier)

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Whether you have a family or your home is by yourself, the Boston Pit cat is an excellent choice. They only require regular exercise to keep them happy- make sure that they get outdoors for occasional walks!

20. Pitmation (Pit Bull x Dalmatian)

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A gorgeous but temperamental dog that requires a firm hand when training, the Pitmation is an excellent guard dog if you can take time to train them. They’re loyal and loving as well!

21. Mastibull (Pit Bull x Mastiff)

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Mastibulls are a mix between Pit Bulls and Mastiffs, so they’re large dogs. But don’t worry- these lovable giants can weigh up to 150 pounds! They love their families and do well with kids, but you need to watch out for small children because of how big the dog is. Size doesn’t matter as much for large dogs.

22. Doberman Pit (Pit Bull x Doberman)

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The Doberman Pit Bull is not only a tough dog, but they’re also brilliant. Be prepared for this stubborn pup that doesn’t like training and will do anything it takes to get what it wants!

Final Thoughts

The Pit Bull has been unfairly maligned as a dog breed that attacks without cause, but they’re loyal and loving pets. With all their great qualities, it’s no wonder people want to reproduce them by breeding with other breeds to retain these traits!

The one thing you should know before adopting any pup: make sure your research is thorough so when training begins – there won’t be anything left out on this end either (pun intended). The Doberman Pit Bull is not only a tough dog, but they’re also brilliant. Be prepared for this stubborn pup that doesn’t like training and will do anything it takes to get what it wants!

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