26 Most Popular Hound Dog Breeds

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

A hound dog’s nose is used to track prey, with some breeds being better at scenting out small game and birds while others excel in tracking giant quarry. The two most common types are sighthounds who use their eyesight and an acute sense of hearing. In contrast, a more typical type would be one that relies heavily on its sniffer alone – these can include pointers that have excellent noses but may not see what they’re after because all this breed cares about is catching scents!

Hounds are a great breed to have around the house, but they do require some maintenance. Make sure you’re able and willing to take care of them by providing exercise for their energy levels, or else your Hound could get destructive or even start acting out in antisocial ways! Here are 26 different types that range from scent dogs who hunt prey using its sense of smell (like Bloodhounds) all the way up through sighthound breeds like pointers which is explicitly bred with hunting foxes at night while following their trails across open land –

Scent Hounds

Scent hound breeds were especially useful to hunters who needed a sniffer on the go. They’re not as fast or agile, but they can cover great distances and penetrate thick brush with ease due to their keen sense of smell – important in hunting prey that may be invisible from afar!

Scent Hounds: Breeds

1. American Foxhound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The American Foxhound is one of the most well-behaved and gentle breeds on this list. It will get along with anyone, including children or other household pets in your home! The only thing that might be an issue for some people is their destructive tendencies if you don’t provide them enough exercise – but luckily, there’s plenty out today which can help solve both these problems quickly.

2. Basset Hound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

A basset hound is a cross between two very different types of dogs. As a result, the Basset Hound has an easily recognizable breed with distinctive long ears like those found on trial hunters and shorter body proportions that would make it easy to follow by foot soldiers in their pursuit for prey. These gentle yet active companions’ love children- they’re good family pets for novice owners! Although these hunting breeds require more than walks but rather some exercise time too (they usually weigh about 45 pounds), this doesn’t mean you can’t take your pup out on occasion; after all, we know how impressive our little runners can be when given permission 🙂

3. Beagle

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Beagle is a great hunting breed, but it also makes for an excellent family pet. This loyal Hound will eagerly adopt you and your loved ones into its pack if given a chance! The dog has been bred to hunt in packs, so that means they’re intelligent enough to get along with novice owners as well–make sure not too many other animals are around because these pups can get nervous when surrounded by alien creatures or noise.

4. Bloodhound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Bloodhound is a giant breed of Beagle, and it was first bred to hunt large animals like boar or deer. This means that while it’s still used in hunting today, the keen sense of smell makes this dog more often called for missing people drug searches as well when they are looking out after explosives which can lead them right towards their quarry because of how good these dogs are at tracking things down with just one sniff! 

5. Dachshund

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Dachshund is a popular family pet used for hunting small game, but it can also cause problems with their back because of the elongated shape. 

6. English Foxhound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The English Foxhound is a cousin to the American Foxhound and one of four official foxhounds breeds. The long-legged Hound has been bred for hunting in packs, but its friendly nature makes this an excellent family pet if you have plenty of room! These pups require quite a lot of exercise because they’re vocal about everything – just like any other pup!

7. Norwagian Elkhound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

This breed of dog is specifically bred for the cold environment in Norway. It has similar colorings and markings as its cousin, the Husky; however, it requires more socialization than most other breeds because these dogs can be protective by nature while simultaneously giving off an air of comedy around them thanks to their intelligence! This makes training easy – make sure you start early so your pet will grow up well-adjusted both emotionally and mentally

8. Otterhound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

As the name suggests, the Otterhound was bred to hunt otters. It was developed in England and bred from existing breeds like the Bloodhound. It is a wiry-haired dog. Not only is its coat developed to help withstand the cold and wet, but it is described as being hypoallergenic because it sheds less than most breeds. This breed loves exercise and is happiest when playing, so it does require a decent amount of space.

9. Portuguese Podengo

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Portuguese Podengo is a playful and intelligent dog. It can be highly independent, so an experienced handler might enjoy training success while novices may struggle with all but essential commands. The Portuguese breed of hound dogs is known for loving family members yet being cautious when it comes to strangers; they require socialization at crucial stages in their lives.

10. Coonhound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Coonhound is often called the king of hounds. It’s a talent that requires knowledge and expertise to train. Still, no other breed can match their skill or ability when hunting game in its natural environment once they have been trained.

The black-and-tan color variant has long served this role well – preferred by many sporting enthusiasts who take pleasure not just from seeing one killed successfully on our behalf (though we all hope!) 

11. American Leopard Cur

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

What’s more social than a dog with the name of a big endangered cat? The American Leopard Cur is friendly and intelligent, making for a great pet in almost any household. They need lots of exercises but can take well-meaning training when you’re new at this!

An excellent way to get started: Take your leopard cur on walks or runs around outside where they will be able to enjoy playing while getting their energy out (and maybe even meet some friends!).

12. Black Mouth Cur Hound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

This breed a healthy and energetic breed that was used for hunting. Nowadays, it can be found as an excellent family pet because it’s easy to train and still has the drive to be a practical working dog in situations where you need one, such as pest control or search & rescue operations.

As far as characteristics go – The black mouth cur forms very close relationships with those who own them; this makes it a good candidate if you’re looking at adopting more than 1 animal.

13. Majestic Tree Hound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Majestic Tree Hound is a new breed of hunting dog that had only developed in the 20th century. They look similar to Bloodhounds and are large, agile animals used for tracking games like bears or cougars. The Hound’s quickness combined with its exceptional nose makes it an excellent marksman when pursuing prey while at rest; this allows them time to get close before springing into action if necessary!

14. Treeing Cur

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Treeing Hound is a loyal and loving family companion. Immune to many diseases, they will get along with all ages of your loved ones! These hounds are used as both hunters in the field or herders on farms because it comes so natural for them – but no matter what you need doing around the house, these dogs won’t mind at all; if anything, they’ll be proud that their human partner trusts them enough leave his post while he takes care of things outside 🙂

15. Basset Griffon

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Petite and the Grand Basset Griffon are two of the most popular breeds in France. They both have a reputation for being friendly, lively animals that get along well with other dogs and children at home – but they do require regular exercising to remain healthy!

Sight Hounds

Where scent hounds use their sense of smell to locate and track prey, sighthounds rely on a keen eye for movement. They have acute eyesight and alertness that can make them prone to chasing small animals or anything they perceive as an animal – like leaves in motion!

Sight Hounds: Breeds

16. Afghan Hound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Afghan Hound is well known for its long locks and beautiful hair. This breed can be called loyal, as it’ll always stick by you no matter what! Not only does this animal have excellent grooming skills, but it also doesn’t shed much, which means that many people who own them do not suffer from allergies or sensitivities to their fur due to excessive shedding.

The Afghani Hounds’ signature traits are easygoing personalities mixed with impressive levelheadedness; all these qualities the canine into being among America’s most popular hunting dogs overtime period after World War II (Campbell).

17. Basenji

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Basenji is an African hound dog that is bred to kill animals. They were used in villages, specifically targeting rats and other pests that pestered the population of their countrymen who made it home after a hunting day. Today you can find these dogs being utilized for both family pets and working on a farm with similar tasks around harvest time given their loyal, loving personalities, making them fun! Training may take some work but not too much because this breed has been proven intelligent enough by some experts – proving easygoing toward training methods while still requiring plenty of exercises daily.

18. Borzoi

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Borzoi is a Russian hunting dog that’s known for its adaptability. He can even live in an apartment with enough time and energy provided by their owner. Still, this breed sheds often, so they are prone to becoming antisocial if left on your own too long or having destructive habits when alone at all times throughout the day/night due to boredom

19. Greyhound Breed

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

This breed is the fastest breed among dogs, reaching up to 45 miles/ hour. They typically don’t live long-running because they’re built for speed rather than stamina; however, 10 minutes on their legs will take over 23 hours and 50 minutes off your day sleeping or cuddling with you at home! These gentle animals make great family pets who like things warm most times of the year, though not too hot since that could kill them in summer heatwaves.

20. Ibizan Hound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Ibizan Hound is a spotted, white dog with black markings and large ears. It hails from the island of Ibiza, where it was bred to hunt rabbits but can still be found doing so today as well in agility or obedience classes put on by local clubs across Europe! This breed also makes for an excellent sporting companion who loves being around people just as much they love other animals too–they will not hesitate at going after cats if given half-chance. However, it would help if you kept your guard up because this pup may have some hidden skills under his fur that might surprise even those biggest hockey puck enthusiasts out there.

21. Irish Wolfhound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Irish Wolfhound is a large breed of dog used to drag people off horses during the war, but it’s now seen as an excellent family pet. This Hound makes great pets despite its incredible height and enjoys plenty of exercise with time outdoors.

The Woldihunshunde (or “Irish wolf”) tends towards obesity because they’re so big! The dogs themselves are friendly creatures who love playing games like fetch or tug of war between their favorite humans; however, you should do your research before deciding if this cute pup would be the right fit for yours indeed.

22. Pharaoh Hound breed

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

This Hound is a breed which origin from ancient Egyptian. They’re known as the most affectionate and loyal family pets around, making this perfect for those with busy lives who want someone special in their life! Owners say that these dogs are always happy to see you no matter how long it’s been since your last visit – not even forgetting about all those kisses on command (and blush)! The fluffy pup will surely brighten up anyone’s world.

23. Rhodesian Ridgeback breed

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

This breed is a muscular and robust sighthound found in southern Africa. It was called “the African Lion Hound it was bred to hunt bid even lions.” The breed makes excellent family dogs, but they can be highly independent, so training them will require time to ensure their good behavior in your home.

24. Saluki

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Saluki is the fastest breed of dog, but it needs to be with an experienced owner. The apartment life isn’t for this lean and speedy outsider who prefers large open spaces to run around freely without worrying about territorial boundaries or fences that don’t want their prey – cats! If you’re looking at adopting a new pup, then make sure your place has plenty of room because these dogs can use up 3-4 square meters per day running around on four legs, not including all those pesky stairs we need them. Climbing over every night before bedtime… But when they find one particular person willing enough (and calm) upon whom let loose from such obligations as “ownership,” what may happen next will leave even.

25. Scottish Deerhound

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Scottish Deerhound is an affectionate, energetic hound that needs plenty of room to run around. They’re not doing well in apartments and should only be owned by experienced handlers who use precise training techniques with this dog breed. This longing sporting dog can hunt game birds and wild deer; it’s up to its owners! The fast-moving search technique that coursed dogs like these helped preserve our natural resources since medieval times when hunting was one-way people supported themselves during difficult economic periods.

26. Whippet

Popular Hound Dog Breeds

The Whippet is a small, speedy greyhound-like breed that shares some similar traits. For example, it’s pretty shy and loves cuddles from its owners or friends alike! The one downside to the adorable pup? It can be prone towards excessive amounts of sleeping on occasion if not adequately exercised – but don’t worry because they’re also known for being fast runners who love chasing after things like toys in their free time 🙂 Make sure you give them an Area appropriate enough so as not to have any accidents while running around outside (and maybe invest in some cute doggy rain boots too)!

Hound Dog Breeds

The hound dog is a loyal and loving breed that needs plenty of exercises. They also have striking looks to set them apart from other dogs in the world today, making this list for 26 breeds all you need!

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