51 Pet Rabbit Breeds: Best & Cutest from A to Z

rabbits as a pets

To make the right choice for your rabbit, be sure you study up on all of their personality quirks and health issues! There are nearly 50 kinds of the breed to choose from. They set out guidelines for what constitutes each breed, so it’s up to you as an aspiring bunny owner with dreams about your new pet in mind! This guide will cover all 49 recognized types with pictures on every page alongside information such as history or suggestions depending on which type might be best suited for someone who wants one particular kind but doesn’t know where they should start looking first. Some people prize their fur or wool as much as beauty. But for those who want an all-purpose pet that doesn’t disrupt your home life and can be trained easily; these 49 rabbit types should come into consideration:

That’s right – we’re talking about show bunnies here (and they even make great pets)! The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) has created this ultimate list of “Pet Rabbit Breeds,” which lists every recognized popular type by its breed name plus any other interesting facts you might not know yet..

The 49 Best Pet Rabbit Breeds are:

American Rabbits .1

rabbits as a pets

The American Kennel Club was initially founded in the early 1900s, but it changed when Germany declared war on Austria-Hungary. To avoid any conflict with their German counterparts after World War I, they renamed this beautiful breed–the “Blue Vienna” or “German Blue” – to what we know today: The American! This small dog has been gaining momentum among enthusiasts due to its attractive coat color that ranges from blue-white canines lengths up to 12 pounds for males & usually 9 lbs females, which may include some black markings such as paws/ears etc…

American Chinchilla Rabbits .2

rabbits as a pets

The Chinchilla rabbit is a rare and endangered breed of animal, with only handfuls still alive in the world. The coat coloration on its fine earthen fur closely resembles that found among wild chinchillas–a faraway relative to many types of today’s domestic rabbits, including Farm Rabbits or Havanas.

American Fuzzy Lop .3

rabbits as a pets

The newest addition to the rabbit family, American Fuzzy Lop’s, were first bred in the 1980s and come from a mix of Dutch lops and angora parents. These adorable creatures have incredible color variety with their wooly coats! They’ve been known for being friendly but require some care during shedding season because it can get messy quickly when they shed all those hairs at once!

American Sable .4

rabbits as a pets

 They have a unique color pattern with markings on each side of their bodies and necks and an engaging personality, which makes them fascinating pets to own! But what you may not know is how they’re related to another popular breed–the American Sable Chinchilla rabbit mix (or more commonly known as “sables”). A descendent from this curious creature can be found by looking at your local pet store or going online if there’s enough demand for it yet; but before buying one, beware: some people worry these new breeds will become invasive species due to their ability to hybridize readily with other animals such silver marten rabbits then Rex bunnies.


Argente Borun .5

rabbits as a pets

After falling out of popularity during America’s 1920s era, people preferred lighter colored bunnies due to their desire for soft feathering and fur quality over black or brown colors. A chance coloration from an argente champagne sparked public interest again, giving these rabbits another boost with modern-day.

Belgian Hare .6

rabbits as a pets

With their sleek, slim bodies and deep colors that fade into shades of brown or black as they age, the Belgian Hare is easily recognizable to those who have seen them in American prairie land. It’s no surprise then why this strain has been popular among pet owners for over 100 years – its traits make these small animals crave attention from their human counterparts while remaining curious enough about anything new around it at all times!


rabbits as a pets

Beveren’s, a beautiful and rare breed of rabbit from Belgium. The coat naturally thickens in the wintertime to protect these little guys from cold weather – perfect for those who love spending their days outside! Their black or blue coats shine with striking beauty as well; you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one without an eye-popping out at you (literally).
Many people have said the white-coated Beveranen that they have amongst the most delicate features around: its deep shade resulting in uniquely sparkling glance paired up nicely against his jet-black ears, which accentuate them even more than before…

Blanc de Hotot .8

rabbits as a pets

These thick-set bunnies make excellent companions for households with children due to their friendly nature; even though they may be big pets, you won’t regret owning one!

Britannia Petite .9

rabbits as a pets

The Britannia Petite rabbit is a small, energetic breed that weighs under two pounds. These aggressive and high-energy rabbits often have an average length of five inches with six primary colors and a combination of “broken” coats. In addition to being lively pets for apartments, the Petites require minimal space, so they make great choices if you live in tight urban areas where space can be at premium levels! Some people refer to them by another name too – “Polish.”

Californian .10

rabbits as a pets

The California Condor is a giant bird that weighs up to 11 pounds. They have the distinctive black and white coloration you would expect from their name, but this rabbit also stands out for its attractive personality! Look for these guys when it comes time to get your hands on some show-ready critters – make sure not too much else about them matches those colors than what’s found in ears or tail only (unless we’re talking Appenzeller).

Champigne d’Argent .11

rabbits as a pets

These bunnies are bred for their fur’s weight and coloration- 10 to 12 pounds is ideal, but it doesn’t hurt if you’re looking at 8! They also happen to be quite friendly animals, so don’t worry about being alone when life gets hectic: these little guys will keep your heart full all day long


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Checkered Giant Rabbits .12

rabbits as a pets

The Checkered Giant rabbit is a high-energy, black and white animal that stands out in any crowd. With their 11 to 16 pound top-weight, they make an excellent companion for those who can provide them with plenty of space as well as food!


rabbits as a pets

The mid-size rabbit is a proud and unusual addition to any household. With its lush coat, this animal will make you smile every time it hops out from the buffet for dinner!

Crime d'Argunt .14

rabbits as a pets

Though never particularly popular in America, this bunny loves having his silky fur pampered and petted by you or anyone who will give him attention; he’ll be grateful too because these gentle giants make great pets–and family members!–despite being so old fashioned sounding (I know!).

Dutch .15

rabbits as a pets

These hardworking bunnies have been seen on farms all over Europe and North America due to their compact size that only weighs 5 pounds! You can find Dutch rabbit crosses being used as foster mothers for other animals because they’re so kind-hearted–making them perfect pet candidates!!

Dawarf Ho tot .16

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rabbits as a pets

With an almost miniaturized body and distinctive eye coloring similar to that found on some breeds from Indonesia known as “hotspots,” it’s no surprise why this adorable little pet attracts so many people!

English Angora Rabbits .17

rabbits as a pets

The English Angora rabbits are often confused for furry balls with ears. But despite their chaotic appearances, these bunnies come in an incredible variety of colors, and all sport the characteristic fluffy coats required to keep you warm on cool mornings or afternoons! More industrious pets may also trim their fur into wool which is then spun into yarn before being made into sweaters (or something else entirely).


The small size makes them perfect house-babies; this breed requires less food than most animals its size so long as they have access to fresh hay daily – even though it’s not necessary during warmer months when your bunny can hop around outside more often if he desires

English Lop .18

rabbits as a pets

The English lop is a gentle giant, but their vast ears can be injury-prone. When these pets are taken care of properly and given the proper protection to prevent any damage, they’ll make great companions that need some extra love!

English Spot .19

rabbits as a pets

The Spot is a rabbit breed that has been selectively bred from wild rabbits since the late 19th century. However, they may not make good companions due to their irritable temperaments at times.

The spots are one thing about these bunnies worth noting – other than how cute they look in an emergency (like if your cat comes home early), people often comment on The Spot’s tendency towards “not fitting into society.”

Flemish Giant .20

rabbits as a pets

These agile Belgians are genuinely giant! They weigh in at up to 20 pounds, which makes them perfect pets or show rabbits. Imported from Belgium in the 1890s, these rabbits were equally prized for their meat and fur but also became one of America’s most popular pet breeds.

Florida White .21

rabbits as a pets

The Florida White is a small, compact rabbit with white feathers and pink eyes. It was bred by Orville Milliken, who wanted to create an animal that could be used both as laboratory work animals or meat rabbits; however, it never caught on for these purposes as he had hoped, so they now primarily compete in shows due to their calm temperament, which sets them apart from most other breeds

-their coloring makes this breed stand out against the typical greys often seen at events. Even though there may not yet exist any special requirements when choosing your perfect pet bunny, we’ve put together some helpful guidelines just

French Angora .22

rabbits as a pets

If you want a rabbit with an attractive face, the French Angora is your best bet! These more giant rabbits can weigh up to 11 pounds and have fur that not only grows longer than other breeds but has many cleaner-looking cuts. For these pets’ coat healthiness needs to be met consistently through grooming sessions at home or by professional groomers like me who specialize in this type of animal beauty care service; we recommend combing out mats after each bath, so they know where all those extra hairs will go when brushed against during daily life activities.


If there’s one thing I love more than my adorable furry friends (which would probably include almost anyone if given enough time), it’s getting down on the bunny level.

French Lop .23

rabbits as a pets

The French lop is one of the most popular lop family breeds. They closely resemble an English Lip, but without oversized ears on the heavier side and come in different colors like black or brown, just to name some examples.

Giant Angora .24

rabbits as a pets

The giant angora is a recently developed breed from the 1980s. They have been known to weigh up to 10 pounds and still possess some characteristics of other Angoras, such as their long coat, which needs careful grooming with unique products for maintenance purposes.

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Giant Chinchilla .25

rabbits as a pets


The American Chinchilla is a giant of the three North American breeds. With nearly 16 pounds as its maximum weight, this gentle and mild-mannered breed was developed to be used for fur or meat but now has found an avid fan base among those who appreciate their precise nature and low aggression towards humans.

Harlequin .26

rabbits as a pets

The Harlequin rabbit is one of the most visually stunning breeds on this list. They sport an evenly divided two-tone face and alternating bands across their body, all in a variety of colors to match your style! The Japanese name for these animals translates as “Japanese Rabbit.” If you’re looking for something easy going with unique markings who won’t mind being part showstopper at home or giving an elegant spin alongside other delicate doe-eyed rabbits, then here it comes

Havana .27

rabbits as a pets

The Havana rabbit is a smaller bunny breed that can be great for families with limited space. Their rich brown color and small size make them perfect bunnies to add some cuteness to your home!

Himalayan .28

rabbits as a pets

Alongside its laidback nature and modest weight (maxing out at around 5 pounds), this makes it an ideal breed for beginners. There’s no doubt why these tolerant species have become so popular over time – not only are they easy on your pocketbook, but their docile attitude helps keep things calm when Cujo starts hissing because she doesn’t feel threatened by other rabbits outside her enclosure…even though there’s more than enough room inside yours instead!!

Holland Lop .29

rabbits as a pets

The Holland Lop is a beautiful, intelligent breed of rabbit gaining popularity in recent years. They’re both easy to care for AND come with great looks and personality traits from both French lops as well as miniature-breed bunnies!

Jersey Wooly .30

rabbits as a pets

It was created by a New Jersey breeder who wanted an easy-to-care-for miniaturized wool coat variety like those found in Angoras, but without all of their grooming requirements! The product has friendly dispositions, making it great as both a pet or hobby animal, depending on whether you’re looking to cuddle up at home with your new friend or take them on adventures outside (and hopefully not get lost). 

Liluc .31

rabbits as a pets

Originally bred to be used for meat and fur, this small pup’s stunning coat led them into being kept as show dogs by pet-lovers around the country; they usually live until adulthood at 8 pounds!

A male (Lilac) puppy stands about 3 inches tall while females grow up closer 4″.

Lionhead .32

rabbits as a pets

The Lionhead is a small and cuddly breed that its crested mane of fur can identify. This tiny animal, usually weighing less than 4 pounds (1 2kg), has rare ruby-eyed white or tortoiseshell coat colorations to choose from too! Though you might not need as much care with this gadget’s short hair as an Angora goat would require, prospective owners, should prepare themselves for light trimming around their heads, so it doesn’t get unruly in appearance over time.

Mini Lop .33

rabbits as a pets

The Mini Lop is a breed of rabbit that may be better recognized than its tiny Holland counterpart. The added weight can contribute towards an overall calmer and passive demeanor, but it also has many color choices available for you!

Mini Rexx .34

rabbits as a pets

Due to their complex breeding history, available colors for Minis continue to multiply; hues ranging from chocolate browns up through blue-eyed white can be found in this animal’s genetic makeup.

Mini Satin .35

rabbits as a pets

The Mini Satin rabbit breed is one of the newest to be developed, with its lustrous coat being known for its brilliant shine. These small animals have existed since around the 1970s, and there are many different temperaments among them; you should meet each individual when deciding on compatibility.

Netherland Dwarf .36

rabbits as a pets

The Netherland Dwarf is a small Rabbit breed that has been around since the 1800s. They were initially bred as stock for other species but now stand alone with their unique personality and appearance!

New Zealand .37

rabbits as a pets

The New Zealand rabbit has been a mainstay in America for its versatility. This animal can be used for meat, fur, laboratory, or show purposes with the proper breeding background to make it behave well around people while still being easygoing enough that house pets are achievable.

Palomino .38

rabbits as a pets

The Palomino rabbit is a rare and beautiful breed that was established in the 1940s. They average around 11 pounds, making them docile enough for homes with children or other pets whom they may be offended by

Poolish .39

rabbits as a pets

With their small size comes an even smaller personality! These adorable creatures make great pets as they will not fight like many other breeds can be challenging to handle when excited (though if you’re looking forward to it, then this one might suit your needs).

Rexx . 40

rabbits as a pets

This rabbit took on new fame with even more appeal among those who wanted one not only because it could provide food but also due to its attractive appearance which made these animals famous at events such as fairs or circuses alongside other types like Bottles or Hares.

When reading about breeds such as roosters, there needs to be specific mention if each type has different qualities making sure readers stay updated so

Rhinelander .41

rabbits as a pets

The German-born breed is most well known for its particular color pattern: A white body with two different colors of markings on each side, down the spine, and dark eye bands. These rabbits weigh between 4 to 6 pounds, making them an uncommon rabbit but hard not to notice!

Satin .42

rabbits as a pets

Most Satin rabbits will weigh in under 11 pounds, but they’re often used for “sanitizing” other breeds with more heavy fur so you can see what type it is more easily!

The average weight ranges from 8-10 lbs., depending on how much food your rabbit eats while pregnant or nursing its young ones (the amount might vary between litters).

Satin Angora .43

rabbits as a pets

For those who crave the most delicate coat, there’s no better breed than a Satin Angora. Their luxurious quality and softness rivals even that of cashmere! These rabbits have been known to produce up to six pounds per year–enough wool for many years worth of trimming sessions with your hands or electric shears. What sets them apart from other breeds? This rabbit comes in natural colors like white markings on its face/ears and more saturated hues such as “ruby.” If luxury is what matters most, then look no further because these bunnies can deliver just that

Silver .44

rabbits as a pets

Silvers is one of the rarest rabbit breeds in North America. Their plain black, brown, or fawn coats distinguish them from other medium-sized rabbits because their guard hairs have a silvery sheen, making these critters instantly recognizable even when they’re hiding out among millions on an archipelago. Madagascar!

Silver Fox .45

rabbits as a pets

One of the rarest rabbit breeds in existence, Silver Foxes are known for their long hair that doesn’t fly away when they’re being brushed against. These gentle creatures can come with fur ranging from 12 pounds and measure twelve inches from nose tip-toed!

Silver Marten .46

rabbits as a pets

The coloration gives these animals an appearance much like that seen in autumn leaves or moonlight when viewed through branches at night.).

Standurd Chinnchulla .47

rabbits as a pets

They have a rich coat, weighing around 7 pounds, with colors that blend earthy tones to create variety. The hardy breed makes them an excellent pet for any home!

Tann .48

rabbits as a pets

 Tann’s impressive coloration includes a tan collar on short fur that is highly lustrous – making him an eye-catching pet or show rabbit choice for those who love two-tone coats! His moderate weight (around 6 pounds at most) makes him popular among exhibitors and owners alike.

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Thrianta .49

rabbits as a pets

The Thrianta rabbit is a breed of small stature that stands out for its vibrant coat. Since they are orange in color, there aren’t many rabbits this distinct among similar-sized animals with short compact bodies under six pounds and weighing less than ten inches when fully grown at around four months old.

The Cuban Flor de Tansacabra (“thrice-cursed” or “triple threat”) was initially bred by Spanish farmers who had trouble raising enough meat on their farms due to warring factions throughout most 18th century countries Spain held imperialistic ambitions over while also being victimized themselves during occupation battles between soldiers loyalist against rebels.

The prety Rabbit Breeds in the Universe:

Columbia Basun Pygmi Rabbit .50

rabbits as a pets

 They were nearly driven to extinction during the 1990s but managed a comeback thanks to conservation efforts by zoos across North America.

The Columbia Basin pygmies are soft and fuzzy creatures that have long ears as well as tiny noses; their short stature earned them an alternate name, “marten.”

Dwarf Lop .51

rabbits as a pets

Speaking of the most adorable rabbit breed, it would not be a “cute list” without mentioning this little fellow. This soft-furred cutie comes in many colors and patterns, with their coat being one that people love for its floppiness (not to say how much they are valued as pets). We were told by Rabbit Spot’s team members just what makes them so popular– after all, who doesn’t want an animal companion like these chubby cheeks?


Thankful is a particular word we think about when thinking of those who have inspired us along the way: Lynn M Stone’s fantastic book “Rabbit Breeds The Pocket Guide To 49 Essential Breeds” as well as ARBA (Association Of Rabbit Breeders Of America), whose knowledge on every breed helped provide much historical information found within these pages; thank goodness there are teams out there like RabbitSpot because they’re always able to source all adorable images from websites such Instagram accounts too 🙂

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