8 Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets (with Pictures)

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

The reality of keeping a primate as your pet is in stark contrast to the way you might imagine it. These creatures require high amounts of care and space, can become aggressive or violent even after years of peaceful cohabitation- so why would someone want one?

In recent years, the number of people who own monkeys and other primates has increased, with 15 000 estimated to be kept as pets right here in America.

 Thankfully many shelters are beginning to take these creatures off our hands by converting them into cosmetic or coffee grinders! With more than 330 different species to pick from though there is bound to be some who make better candidates for your next pet project than others, so if you don’t discuss one, this list will help point you towards eight breeds worth considering.

Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?

In the world, many species are being kept as pets. In this, some animals reign as royalty! The most common pet choice for people is dogs and cats because they are easy to care for with mild personalities, making them great companions even if you don’t have time yourself!

Monkeys are a unique and often misunderstood species. They require an extraordinary amount of care, space to roam about in their enclosure (or behind bars), and can be much more stubborn than other pets such as dogs or cats – requiring the same attention but usually less from humans who own them!

There have been many cases in which primates were kept as pets for years with no problems, but then suddenly changed and became violently angry. One woman even had her face ripped off by the chimp that she owned when it decided to rebel against its captors after so long being deprived of human contact and affectionate touch from friends who knew nothing about how much these animals need this kind of care.

Mentioning “concerns” without detailing any specific dangers is an effective technique because there’s always room for improvement.

You could spend hours a day feeding your pet monkeys, or you might find it cheaper and more enjoyable to cook them their meals. This task isn’t as quick or straightforward as some people think – but don’t worry! We have lists for those who want a fantastic time at home with fresh meat from the wild animals they caught themselves.


Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

The Price of Monkeys

Another deterrent to keeping a monkey as a pet is the outrageous cost of purchasing and maintaining a primate. Some monkeys aren’t too pricey, such as capuchins, which can be purchased for less than $10,000. Not cheap by any means, but some show-quality canines can cost as much. Start looking at more giant primates, though, and the price climbs exponentially. A chimpanzee, for example, will set you back about $70,000, which is a pretty hefty investment for a pet.

The cost of housing and upkeep for your new pet is going to be hefty. Your enclosure should have high ceilings, lots of climbing things so they can get their exercise while you are at work or sleeping; this could easily set you back thousands upon hundreds on top of what it takes just for materials! Not only that but once everything has been put together, there will also be food costs every day, which may seem overwhelming until it’s something routine in life.

You’ll have to pay a lot of money for vet care, and you may need time off from work if your pet is an exotic primate. Additionally, they require lots of attention which can be hard on the average person who wants their own home too!

Is Monkey Legal to Keep as a Pet?

On top of all the care and cost requirements, you’ll also have to consider the legality of owning a pet primate where you’re located. Many laws govern how enclosures are designed for monkeys in captivity and transport between states or countries that allow such exotic pets at all! Make sure research is thorough before deciding on purchasing one, though, because there’s no guarantee about whether your chosen state will permit them or not.


Now, people in 15 states can legally own a primate as their pet. Though the specific laws surrounding such actions vary from one state to another, all have similar policies that protect people’s right to keep these animals as they see fit and recognize their importance within our ecosystem.


8 Monkey Breeds Kept as Pets:

Now that you know a little about keeping monkeys as pets, let’s talk about different types of primates that could make good housemates. But no matter which one it is: All primates should be treated with respect and kindness because they are family members too! The following eight breeds below will help take care of your pet while providing years’ worth of entertainment. Are there any bad options? Not – I’m going to tell you all how these animals compare against others so we can pick wisely together.

1. Chimpanzee

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

Chimpanzees are not a monkey; they’re apes. Chimps can stand nearly 5 feet tall and weigh over 150 pounds by the age of 5! If you’ve never seen a shaved chimp, then check out this video, so that should help get an understanding of how insanely muscled these primates are in comparison with humans-

Chimps are fascinating and affectionate, but they also have the unfortunate tendency to kill people when handling them as pets. You will need to take precautions for your safety if you want one in captivity or else face an unpleasant fate at their hands!

2. Capuchin

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

Capuchins are an excellent option for those looking to invest in an animal that will be around longer than their investment. While capuchin monkeys may not have the same lifespan of six decades, you can still enjoy 25 years’ worth with this primate!

3. Squirrel Monkey

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

A squirrel monkey is a small, acrobatic primate that needs lots of space to swing around in. Their fur ranges from blonde to brown, and they average the size 10-14 inches without their tails which can weigh up to 3 pounds! These fun creatures love hanging by their tail with its bushy end wrapped securely around one leg while it peers down at you curiously before zipping off somewhere else on this giant planet we call Earth. Squirrel Monkeys are primarily fruit eaters but might also take vegetables when hungry enough – keep an eye out for signs like black tongue or bloody lips (or both!).

4. Spider Monkey

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

A pet spider monkey is one of the most mischievous and entertaining types. They are known for their messy habits, which can be hard on any household! Unfortunately, it’s not just diapers that get dirty in this house; these unpredictable creatures will rip off anything they’re wearing before scattering them all over your living room floor or throwing said articles into corners like discarded clotheslines from another era. Keep an eye out when you walk through, though, because many times, we’ve found our little mischief-makers sleeping soundly after hours spent getting into trouble (check under couch cushions).


5. Marmoset

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

It’s not surprising that marmosets are one of the noisiest monkey breeds. They’re always on high alert, even when they should be sleeping! If you don’t listen closely enough – or if your pet feels neglected for any reason– this primate will let out an ear-piercing scream before running away from its keeper in terror (or taking offense). These little guys can live up to 20 years but average 8 inches long, so it is manageable as an entertainment choice given all factors.

6. Guenon

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

Guenons are beautiful, colorful monkeys that have long been a favorite pet. They can be found in bright shades like red and green to more subtle ones such as yellow or blues. The average female weighs 5-15 pounds while males weigh about an inch under them at 4+kgs (or 8 lbs). There’s even one type called “spectacled” since it has black rings around its eyes!


7. Tamarin

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

Tamarins are one of the most miniature monkeys that you might keep as pets. They only weigh about 1 pound and live for 15 years, requiring just 7 square feet in living space but still needing plenty to invest time or energy!

8. Macaque

Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

Macaques are medium-sized primates who can weigh up to 40 pounds at the largest, though females often weigh less than 5 pounds. They require enormous enclosures for single monkeys and will need diapers throughout their lives due to their large size requirements that make them susceptible to incontinence accidents if not properly cared for by humans or other animals alike!



The idea of keeping a pet monkey might seem novel, but it’s not great for you. You’ll need ample resources and time to devote your life towards this new responsibility–a commitment that will most likely last until death or retirement!

Before you decide to take up the mantle of owning a baby (or adult) ape, some essential things should consider. It may seem like an easy path with rewards at every turn, but it takes more than just luck and good intentions; while we can’t tell anyone else how they should live their life here on earth–that’s ultimately between them and God or whatever other higher power holds meaning for them —we will provide insight into what could go wrong along this journey so as not make any hasty decisions about something most people don’t know anything about except from movies where primates do everything.

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