How Much Does a Lovebird Cost? (2021 Price Guide)

love birds costs

Owning a lovebird is lots of fun, but it comes with some serious financial commitments. You’ll need to provide the bird its food and water everyday in addition to any other time devoted towards caring for them like cleaning their cages or feeding treats! In total I think owning one will cost you around $500 per year if not more- which may seem expensive at first glance since these little guys aren’t cheap pets either (let me tell ya). But don’t forget: this isn’t just about buying an animal; birds are part family too so they deserve our commitment as much ours.

The bottom line? The initial price tag on anything has always got us thinking “I could go without” before long enough speak up

Bringing a New Lovebird Home: One-Time Costs

You could get one for nothing, but the more popular option is going to be around $100 or higher with prices ranging up there significantly during peak seasons like winter when people often go looking specifically because it’s cold outside and snowy – then down again in the summertime once these conditions have ended which brings us back full circle!


If you’re looking for a lovebird in need of a home, it’s never too late to save one. Check local newspapers and online advertising outlets or even social media sites where people from your community may be looking for new homes with open arms (or cages). You might be surprised at how many responses there will likely already be when posting advertisements about adopting an unwanted tropical bird-like this beautiful creature!

love birds costs


These places don’t care about making money; instead, they try to recover their costs in managing and preparing animals for new homes. Adoptive fees range anywhere between $20-$100 depending on what type of care it has received–the longer that bird was there before being adopted (and with less skilled caregivers), the higher price tag he’ll carry!

Breeder – $25 – $1500

A lovebird can be an expensive pet. Breeding for rare species is more challenging and time-consuming, which means that you’re paying higher prices on average—$25-$150 (or even more). Some breeds cost as much as $1500! The rarer the bird or, the better trained they are when coming home with their new family members will make them worth it, though – ask any of our satisfied customers who bought one after seeing what all they offer in return…


The best way to care for your Lovebird is by making sure you have all of the supplies on hand. You will need basic housing and some toys, food/water dishes in addition to a couple more items that we’ve listed below:

A larger cage than what they’re used to – ideally one with perches at both ends so it can be explored from different angles; Knotting Kit (for wings); Natural Finch Seed Mix

Health Care

Lovebirds are just like any other pet, and they need the love of a qualified veterinarian. They should have checkups done when necessary, as dogs or cats do, so it’s important not to skip out on this critical care! The costs can add up quickly- expect about $50-$5k per year in healthcare expenses for each bird depending on its overall health (and if accidents happen).

love birds costs

Check-Ups $25-$100 per year

When you bring your new lovebird home, it is essential to get them checked up by an avian veterinarian (or vet) at least once or twice a year. You can find these professionals near wherever there are more bird parlors than regular vets that deal primarily with other species like dogs and cats!

A fee of around $25 may apply for checkups depending on their age/health condition; sometimes, additional expenses come into play during visits, so please ask ahead before taking out money specifically designated towards these types of expenditures.

Vaccinations • $ 50 to $ 100 per year

The cost of yearly vaccinations can vary depending on the type and age you get your pet vaccinated. It’s important to do research ahead, but there is no harm in asking for a quote from multiple vets if prices differ across providers!

Cats are more expensive to vaccinate than dogs, so look into this before making any purchase decisions! It would help if you aimed to spend as little as possible, but no less than $100 per year for the first few years after getting our new Lovebird; this will help them stay healthy while still protecting from diseases like parrot fever or Newcastle disease (which may affect future pets).

Treatments for Parasites • $10-25 per year

Lovebirds are adorable, but they do have one significant Weakness-parasites. Luckily there’sthere’s a way to keep your Lovebird free of pesky critters by following these simple steps: make sure the area where they spend time is kept clean and dust protected; provide an open-source diet (no Takeru bars!) so that any dirt or grit won’twon’t compact onto their feathers over time; give them hot water when bathing which will help eliminate eggs from being laid if you’re you’re right next door too

Emergencies • $250-$2,000

It’s essential to have a little cash set aside for emergencies. If you want your Lovebird healthy and happy, it is best not to get caught without the money needed when one of these situations happen- so put away some extra! A few hundred dollars can act as security if anything goes wrong with their health or well-being, especially if they need medical attention right off the bat, like at an emergency clinic where there may be fees associated (which could add up!). The more time we all save by putting together our budgets now versus later on down THE ROAD, I bet you will come into play much sooner than expected 🙂

Food • $10-$25 per month

Lovebirds need commercial pellet food as their primary source of nutrients and should be offered seeds, grains, or whole fruits in addition. They also enjoy kitchen scraps such as vegetables well minced for them to eat with no blanching required!

love birds costs

Environment Maintenance • $50-$200 per year

A lovebird is an adorable feathered friend that requires care like any other pet. They can live up to 18 years in captivity, but most only get around 10-15 because they’re socialized birds; meaning there are usually plenty of different types for them all to interact with and play at—habit-forming behaviors that help keep your little one entertained while you work on tasks like feeding them or taking their medications! Here’sHere’s how much maintenance costs might vary depending on where exactly this lovable creature will call home:

Entertainment • $0-$100

All you need are boxes or bags from home (or any other object) that can be decorated for maximum cuteness by tearing off pieces of paper towel into shapes like triangles, hearts, etc… You might also want to use crayon wax if these materials do not appeal as much – it makes everything pop!. Just assemble them however desired, then place them inside the cage per instructions on the package; don’tdon’t forget about treats along the way too.

Total Annual Cost of Owning a Lovebird • $25-$500

The cost of a lovebird varies depending on the type and size, but prices usually start at about $25.

Fancy parrots like African greys may set people back up into thousands if they need medical care or want an expensive pet

love birds costs

Owning a Lovebird on a Budget

One of the best ways to save money while owning a bird with expensive care is by collecting floor covering outdoors and making toys that you can find around your house. This way, they will have plenty in their cage when it’s time for new ones! However – there are some things worth spending on if possible: professional healthcare, which every pet needs at least once per year (and sometimes more), quality food/supplements, so they stay healthy throughout all stages, including breeding age eight months)

Saving Money on Lovebird Care

If you want to save some money on lovebird care, try hunting for wild seeds and grains in your local area. If a forest reserve is nearby, the trees with fruit are great places too! You can also grow foods like carrots or cantaloupes that will be cheap but tasty throughout all year round – make sure they’re healthy bird-safe recipes because anything else might not end well for them 😉


The Lovebird is a beautiful and fun animal to have as your pet. They’reThey’re adaptable, get along well with other birds (or even dogs!), never turn down an opportunity for interaction–and of course, you cannot go wrong if it’s will always be there by their side! Let us know why YOU want this bird in YOUR life by leaving some thoughts below: what makes them so great?

According to PETA analysis, the Lovebird has been ranked among the Top 10 Most Adorable Pets on more than 180 breeds across North America, but we all knew they were going to win because these guys do deserve first place, hands down. From gentle giants who need little time out from just like any other pet would take up in your schedule- so before deciding that they’re the right bird for you consider all aspects from their housing needs (including cage size) food costs to vet bills! And factor in one more expense: purchase price will likely include set patterns or cages which may not work well depending on where you live; if this is something important then factor those expenses into budget estimates too.


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