Popular 8 Monkey Breeds That Are Kept As Pets

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If you’re thinking about getting a pet, the last thing on your mind is how hard it will be to take care of. You might think that owning an animal like this means never having time for yourself because they need so much attention all day long! But these creatures really can’t survive without human interaction-they’ll eventually lose weight or die from loneliness (or both). It’s essential not only to make friends with them but also to provide mental stimulation; don’t forget what kindles their curiosity and helps keep boredom away!).

To many people, monkeys are the perfect pet. Not only do they make excellent companions, but in some cases (like with Capuchin Monkeys), you can even teach them tricks! However, not all primate species fit this bill – if it’s time for your decision on which type of animal companion to get, then these eight breeds might be worth considering:

The African Grey Parrot is one such example as they have been trained so extensively that an entire library consists solely of sentences containing numbers from 1-30 translated into chimpanzee language (something comparable to teaching a human toddler how to read). The golden lion tamarins are unique among cognitively complex viviparity mainly because their mothers feed offspring by hand.

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Monkeys Make Good- pet or not?

Dogs are the most common choice for many people because they’re easy and forgiving while also being relatively docile creatures that have been domesticated by humans for ages now (though goldfish can still make great companions). Cats may be second on this list, but there’s no question about where monkeys fit in when ranked against other famous household members; these pesky primates need extra TLC not only because their needs vary greatly from one individual animal much as human beings do, but also due to an absurd amount time investment into caring properly even just 1 example!

You also have to consider a primate’s behaviour. Some kept primates as pets for many years, only later turning violent and dangerous because of their past experiences with humans; one woman even had her face ripped off by another chimpanzee she thought was safe due in part to being friends with. Its previous owner all along!

A time-consuming expense awaits anyone that considers keeping an animal like this- not just the cost of food but vet bills if anything occurs while your pet is living at home (which will likely require cuddles). If you think these issues don’t concern you, though. Primates are social animals, and as such, they need the company of others. They also have a lot more to worry about than just getting food from time to time; you will be taking care of their needs like diverse diets complete with nutrients (including leafy greens), as well as fresh water daily if it hasn’t been provided already by its enclosure’s decor – which can get expensive fast! I’d recommend not overthinking into owning an animal unless you’re willing to spend plenty on veterinarian visits for checkups every few months or so because even cuddling up at night might turn out less cozy than expected.

monkey types as a pet

How Much Do Monkeys Cost?

The cost of owning a primate as an animal companion can be prohibitive. The most expensive ones aren’t cheap either, with chimpanzees costing $70k and up for starters!

A better alternative would be investing that money into getting yourself some training time at the right school, so you’re able to properly care for your new pet once they arrive home safely from their travels abroad (or just breeding season).

A new report highlighted the cost of owning a pet, and it comes with quite an expense. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10-20 daily for food, which will add up fast if you feed your pet twice per day like most people do when they have critters as pets; veterinary care might also run high since these animals need special attention unlike regular dogs or cats who get by just fine without making their owners worry so much about how often/when something needs treating – plus there’s no way around having some quite full-time income while providing life-sustaining sustenance unless one is independently wealthy! It’s crucial not to forget all aspects involved in caring.

Legal or not to Keep-ing a Monkey- pet

The laws surrounding pet ownership vary from state to state. In some, you may be able to own a monkey as long as it’s legal in that region, and the primate will legally meet all requirements for custody (such as vaccinations). However, other states outright ban these types of exotic pets- so make sure your research is thorough before deciding on purchasing one!

I’ve found at least 15 different US States where someone could keep their new best friend: California (with restrictions), Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Montana, New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon, Pennsylvania South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin Wyoming.

8 Monkey Breeds Kept as Pets:

If you’re looking to keep a monkey as a pet, they need to be the right breed and have social interactions. Suppose your prospective primate has been isolated from other species or people their whole life. In that case, there could potentially be problems when they are re-released into society sometime down the line, which would make this animal less than ideal even though it’s easy on our wallets! The following eight types of primates all make good pets with minimal maintenance requirements:

1. Chim-pan-zee

chimpanzee as a pet

Chi-mpa-nzees are ape-s, but they’re not real- monkeys. Chimps can stand- nearly -6 feet tall and weigt over 160 pounds age of 4! If you’ve never seen a shaved  then search some videoes for more information ,they are little bit friendly in nature.

2 Capuchin

beauty of monkeys

Capuchin monkeys are the perfect pet for those who want a cuddly companion but don’t have time or money to maintain an ape. Standing at only 2 feet tall and weighing less than 10 pounds, these tiny primates won’t hurt you as much if they do get excited! On average, this species lives 25 years, meaning that your little friend might outlive most other pets made from chimps which can be six decades worth of care in one animal- Capuchins; it’s just more manageable on both ends with their high energy levels.

3 Squirrel Monkey

monkey are good as a pet

Squirrel monkeys are not just cute little creatures, but they come in all shapes and sizes. They can be found anywhere from Africa to Asia—this small primate species spans across the globe! The average length for this squirrel-like creature is 10-14 inches without its tail which adds an extra two feet onto its height when standing straight up on two legs. Their size might surprise you at first glance because these acrobatic animals usually weigh less than 1 pound each; however, don’t let that fool you into thinking that they’re delicate or weak.

4 Spider- Monkey

different breed of monkey

Unfortunately, even though they’re kept as pets and come in diapers (like all other house pets), spider monkeys commonly rip their clothes off to lie around on them like it’s nothing! While this type does need ample attention due to so many socialization needs if you don’t provide for your primate buddy, be prepared because these guys will turn out just fine without your love-aggressive behaviour.

5 Marm-oset

breeds of monkey

These primates have shorter life spans, topping out at about 20 years on average, making one of the more manageably sized primate species here 8 inches long, which makes for an easy pet choice if looking into adopting some type or other furry friend as well that needs Lotsa love in order tinkle out all their energy.

6 Guenon

types of monkeys

Guenons are medium-sized monkeys that can be as tall as an adult human male and weigh 15 pounds. The males of this species have a chestnut colouration, while females will typically feature lighter shades such as blond or brunette hair colouring; both genders also sport red facial markings like the JUSTICE LEAGUE member logo across their forehead.

Genius come in all different colours, which makes them beautiful animal pets–although some types (like vervets) tend not only to display two hues but several SINGLE pigment hairs too!

7 Tamarin

monkey breeds as a pet

Tamarins are one of the smallest species you can keep as pets, and they weigh about a pound. You’ll only need 7 square feet for your Tamarin’s living space, but it will require plenty of time investment from their owner too!

8. Mac-aque

Monkey as a pet

They require huge enclosures, and the males need diapers for their entire lives since females usually don’t soil themselves as much as males do.


You might be thinking that the idea of keeping a pet monkey seems like something new and novel, but it’s not. You’ll need ample resources to take on this responsibility as well as enough time for you and your Monkey! With lifespans that often reach 30-40 years with some reaching up into their fifties or even sixties (depending), an investment in them may become more than just financially rewarding; also consider how much easier life will seem by having one around who understands human speech patterns – though they can sometimes sound similar too (are those accents?).

If owning an exotic primate sounds right up your alley, then keep reading because there are eight different breeds discussed below.

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