Top 10 Ham-ster -Cages 2021 Re-views & Top Picks

Hamster Cages

People who own hamsters and GERBILs know that finding the proper cage can be challenging. There are so many different types out there; sometimes, it seems like you’re trying to squeeze a mouse into an elephant’s foot! We’re here for your furry friends, though – our job is to make this process easier by providing only top-of-the-line reviews with helpful info on each unit we review to match what buyers need based on their home size/needs (whether single or multiple). So take some time today reading through all these great cages while I help one lucky reader win theirs at random before choosing either 1) A $25 Amazon gift card OR 2 )A copy of my new book “Household Hints.

10 popular Ham-ster Cages 2021

1 pre-vue-Pet Products- 528- Animal house– top class

Hamster Cages

The Prevue Pet Products is a spacious 32½” x 17½” unit with dimensions that ensure your hamster will feel safe and secure. The hard plastic exterior protects them from harm while also providing ample visibility inside the cage so you can monitor their every move! There are two doors: an entrance at one end of this space for easy access, cleaning, or putting on treats; it’s just ⅜th (.06 m) deep enough to keep curious noses tucked safely back into place without escaping through any gaps in construction.

2 Habi-trail 62820-A1 Cristal Ham-ster- Cage – Best Value

Hamster Cages

The 16″ x 10″ habitat comes complete with a chew-proof water bottle as well as a durable wheel so your pet can have plenty to do inside their home away from home! Unfortunately, though there are some issues we found when taking apart this product: its door doesn’t lock securely, which leaves you shaking or wiggling frame parts just enough (and if not careful enough)to get access through an opening at either end; also, note how difficultly locking mechanisms may be made because they’re located internally.

3.Limit 71-5074-001 Hamster Heaven- Metro – Premium quality

Hamster Cages

The Lixit is one of the best hamster cages on the market. It features spacious dimensions, low and hollow base for plenty of room to borrow or explore, in addition to easy cleaning thanks to broad access doors that are great with comfort grip handles, moving a breeze! The many accessories also make this an all-around winner, including two houses where you can camp out if needed at any time while providing your pet everything they need from tunnels explicitly made just for them wheel multi-platforms giving tons more places per square inch than other competitors do AND it’s naturally equipped because.

4 Amazon-Basics 9011-1 Small Animal Cage

Hamster Cages

The hard plastic bottom and iron wire bars will guarantee longevity for your money’s worth! It features a top opening door system that makes cleaning easy access on all sides to what you need (besides the exercise wheel). For more information about this great product or if it fits in well at home, check out amazon basics cages.

5 Mid-west 100-A-R Critter-Ville Arcade Hamster Cage

Hamster Cages

You want to give your pet a challenging and stimulating environment, which is why the CHEWY ARCADE CAGE measures 18″ x 11″. This spacious playpen offers many different ways for your hamster or gerbil to have fun. With dimensions that are amply sized enough, so there’s plenty of room inside it, but it also means these little critters can move around without getting into trouble while exploring all their new tricks!

6 ferp-last Fav-ola Hamster Cage

Hamster Cages

This fantastic hamster habitat is the Ferplast Favola. It features ample room for your pet to move around in, with dimensions of 23.6″ x 14 4″. The deep see-through plastic base makes it easy to get at everything that goes inside this modular unit – food dish, exercise wheel and “house”! This type also comes equipped with a ramp so you can access both floors without having trouble climbing up or down!

The accessory set isn’t perfect, though; unfortunately, they’re too small on most hamster breeds unless their breed has an even number of toes like patter pardessus (like Himalayan). You’ll still need some connectivity tubes.

7 Little Friends TK-51262 Grosvenor Hamster Cage

The Little Friends is a fun and interactive pet igloo for your furry friends. It features dimensions of 33″ x 18 5″, with an opening at the top that makes cleaning easy and provides access to food dishes, water bottles or even a wheel! Experts have specially designed the bottom floor to keep rats happy in their burrows while keeping chinchillas safe from harm on this elevated base which sinks slightly when weight-bearing needs more space. Users also report no problems due to cats being ableist unable to get up there. Still, overall this product seems attractive because it’s durable enough not only to hold small animals securely inside without worrying about them getting out.

8 Fe-rp-last 5791-2411-US1 -Ham-ster Cage

Hamster Cages

It features full access, making cleaning very easy, and accessories such as tube exploration or food dishes – all at an affordable price! Unfortunately, some users have reported the bottom not being sealed, resulting in urine/fecal dropping out past it after noticing this issue despite following manufacturer instructions closely.

9 Kay-tee 1005-20310 Critter-trail Quick -Clean Habitat

Hamster Cages

The Kaytee is a simple, affordable unit that can be used for hamsters of all sizes. The plastic bottom allows you to watch as your little Critter burrows and plays in its natural habitat with ease, thanks to pesky accessibility doorways on both sides, as well as a great window view from below-ground level up top! It’s also easy to clean (make sure not to handle any accessories such as water bottle), though some may find these low-quality items inconvenient due to leaking issues found within them or cramped space issues when housing larger sized critters altogether; however, this doesn’t take away much considering how inexpensively priced it really

10 IR-IS-USA -301251 Hamster Pet Cage

Hamster Cages

It features an easy-to-configure second-tier accessed via the plastic ramp, as well as wheeled accessories for increased mobility on flat surfaces or if you want to take your pet outside– though unfortunately, these aren’t perfect either with many owners noting leaks from bottle brush attachments or scratches down one side of food dish after just days use by their hamster! All said. However, it remains one of our personal favorites because escape isn’t likely due simply to how sturdy this product feels made despite its small stature.

Buyer's Guide

Top Access

The best option for those who want a clean cage is to get one with an access door. That way, you can open up all of your windows and vents for easy cleaning!

Accessories Included

You can get a lot of hamster accessories in one package, but make sure you’re getting the good stuff. Some included items are downright shoddy!

 Included with your purchase might be a food dish or water bottle – both crucial for the well-being and happiness of pet owners alike – yet sometimes these “complements” don’t live up to their promise: The quality is often low while also being more expensive than buying them separately when available at all (or too costly).


Some cages come with connecting them via modular tubing, which is convenient because it provides plenty more room for fun. Tubing generally has to be purchased separately, but if you think this feature might interest you in the future, make sure your enclosure can accommodate these connections!

Sun-ken- Bo-ttom

This feature will allow you ample room for bedding and give them plenty of hiding places so they can get comfortable during their time spent cooped up indoors with just themselves.

Conclusion/ assumption

You’ve read our hamster cage reviews.If not, be sure to check out two standout units from the list – our top choice is for those who want an elegant high-end model without spending too much cash; alternatively, if affordability and effectiveness are critical factors in your decision-making process, then look no further than this Habitrail 62820A1 Cristal Hamster!

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